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SBX Instructions

SBX trading alerts are derived from a very sophisticated and powerful trading program that is designed to detect when a position is about to make a big move. The SBX Research Team gathers this information and then publish them as trading alerts. 





 If You Choose to Autotrade, The Following Directions Are Recommended:


1.  Choose "SBX " as your newsletter publisher. When setting up your autotrade arrangement, choose to to have your brokerage account traded according to the trading alerts that are published by SBX.

2.   Start With a Minimum of $500.00. Even though the broker does not require any minimum amount to open the autotrade brokerage account, SBX recommends that everybody start with a minimum deposit of $500.00.

3.  Allocate 25% Toward Each Trade. The SBX Diversification Rule is: Never put more than 25% of your cash available to trade on one position, and never let that amount go over $3,000.00. Therefore, when setting up the autotrade arrangement with your broker, you should specify that 25% of your total options buying power should be allocated toward each trade, but also let your broker know that you have a $3,000.00 limitation on the amount allocated.

4.  Don’t Miss Any Trades. Do not sporadically turn the autotrade system on and off. With SBX, you can't tell the studs from the duds. The trades that are missed may turn out to be the studs, and the ones that are executed might turn out to be the duds.

5.   Do Not Hesitate to Call Your Broker for Questions Related to Autotrading. If you are new to autotrading, SBX recommends that you get the phone number of the autotrade brokerage firm so that you can call them if you have any questions. Most brokerage firms are very courteous and good at answering all of your autotrade questions.

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